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TV Commercials

From Script to Screen…

We offer full service television commercial production. We talk with you about your business and design a commercial to deliver your message in a powerful 30-second spot.

We can shoot, edit and produce original broadcast quality video or work from stock footage and your existing marketing materials if the budget is tight. In either case, we keep our costs low and our production values high, so you pay for great results, not great overhead. We are talented pros who create great solutions to help you and your business succeed.

You can even be involved in the production process every step of the way if you like. Our Online Production Studio lets you step backstage and see your commercial come together from concept to the finished ready-to-air product.

Start your TV commercial production with us today and see it within a week!

Call us now at 888-409-5299 to discuss your TV campaign.

TV Commercial Packages

Basic TV Spot
• Scriptwriting & review
• Male or Female voiceover
• Background Music
• Stock Photos or photos you provide
• Your logo and 2 text titles (phone # /web address)
• Digital Upload
Please contact us for pricing information

Intermediate TV Spot
• Original Script Concept
• Choice of 1 Moderate Voice Talent
• Background Music/Sound Effects
• Stock photos/video footage
• Motion effects on still photos
• Text and your logo
• Digital Upload and DVD
Please contact us for pricing information

Enhanced TV Spot
• Scriptwriting / Creative Consulting
• 2 Moderate Voice Talents
• Background Music/SFX
• Stock photos/video footage
• Motion effects on still photos
• Text, logo & graphics package
• Digital Upload and DVD
Please contact us for pricing information

Online Video Ads

Create an online video ad version of your TV commercial - customized for maximum impact with an online audience. 50% of the cost of the equivalent online video ad package, starting at $249

Add These Features

Additional Script/Creative Consulting $100 per hour
Additional Voice Talent Moderate - $100 each, or Premium starting at $175 each
Studio Shoot from $1950 1/2 day (4 hours) & $2900 full-day (8 hours)
Teleprompter and operator $275
Hair/makeup stylist from $250
Animation, Motion and custom graphics $155 per hour
Music and Sound Effects editing $100 per hour
Station BetaSP Dubs $75 plus shipping
Delivery via DG FastChannel or FTP $20 plus DG delivery charges
Master on DVD $10 plus shipping
90-second or longer infomercial formats - Contact Us

Still photos, stock footage and production music
are from our extensive royalty-free libraries.
Other materials available at additional cost.
TV production package costs do not include media buying or airtime.